Custom gift wrapping - thank you gift

Custom Gift Wrapping

Custom gift-wrapping is just that – custom. Each client will be treated individually. You will be given the options of choosing your own paper and ribbon. I have a vast assortment of my own wrapping materials to choose from. Or for something more specific, you will be able to choose from a variety of papers and ribbons provided by several vendors. Most vendors deliver within 24-48 hours.

Prices will vary based on your particular situation, such as your time restraints, the number of packages, and if you’re choosing from my supplies or ordering through a vendor. Using my supplies will obviously be quicker and less expensive because there will be no shipping costs or time wasted waiting for delivery.

I will be able to pick up your packages from your home or business – where you will choose your paper and ribbon -- beautifully wrap them, and return them to you for a small trip fee. Turnaround time will depend upon the number of items, your choice of wrappings, and most likely – the time of year. If at all possible, I will provide the wrapping service on the spot at your location.

My mission is to deliver a beautifully wrapped, distinctive gift that you’ll be just as thrilled to give as to receive.