Beautiful Wrappings St. Louis - custom gift wrapping by Joanie Hitt - birthday present

About Me

I have always been thrilled with the expectation of a gift – the excitement, the anticipation, the wish for my deepest desire. I think everybody has the highest hopes for receiving the "perfect gift."

In my family, particularly at the Holidays – gifts were displayed – wrapped to perfection! We’d spend days excited at the hope that those beautiful packages held the items on our wish list. I was raised to put as much thought and effort into wrapping the perfect gift – as I did in choosing it.

Gone are the days of taking time and pride in finding and presenting the "perfect gift." Too often people select a great gift – and then settle for the tissue paper and bag -- throwing it together in the car on the way to the party. Where’s the excitement, the anticipation – the effort?

Planning a special event? When it comes to setting the scene – the atmosphere – a gift can be just as prominent as flowers – pulling a table together – with linens, china, crystal, and flatware. A beautifully wrapped gift will always bring a smile and a sense of wonder -- which only a wrapped gift can conjure.

Imagine the harried bride planning a celebration and looking for the perfect gift to provide her bridesmaids, parents, or guests. Or maybe just the right table decoration for each setting. How easy would it be to just choose an item and have someone else bundle and wrap them – in a personalized package to match the party theme – or even to create the theme? The gifts would be a decoration in and of themselves.

A beautifully wrapped gift tells recipients that they are important to you – special enough, even, to go the extra mile.

- Joanie Hitt